Thursday, December 08, 2005

Sick man of Europe

A phrase used to describe the Ottoman Empire, and later, England in the 1970's. Basically it describes a state that is coming apart. In England's case it was thought that it might slip down to a developing country.

Margaret Thatcher

Thatcher was an extremely polarizing leader in the UK, who stringently followed an economic policy of reducing government controls, ending the welfare-state, and increasing home-ownership. She reigned for 3 terms, up until 1980. Her and Ronald Reagan were similarly minded and supposedly friends. During her reign the economy did eventually improve, but it is unknown how much of that was due to her policies.

Lucy Dawidowicz

Fiercely supported a extremely Intentionalist school of thought regarding the holocaust, that the destruction of the Jews was Hitler's end plan that he was carefully planning since 1914, and that Germany's entire history since the Middle Ages had irreversibly led to that moment.

Hannah Arendt

Arendt was a german political theorist who coined the term "banality of evil" in her book on the Adolph Eichmann's trial, "Eichmann in Jerusalem." She claimed that Eichman wasn't particularly anti-semetic or devilish, just rather wanted to advance his career. Arendt herself had fled Germany, and then France, from the Nazis; she eventually landed in America teaching at Princton.